Safety and Security peace of mind (or maybe a window on what your pets get up to in your absence...)

Our CCTV systems are commercial grade and designed to run for years without problems.

Your installation will comprise a Digital Video Recorder, your choice of cameras and the cabling to connect it all together.  Cameras are powered through the cabling, making installation quick, neat and no need for any electrical work.

You get a big choice of cameras to match your budget, preferred style and any features needed (such as clarity in low light).

We install CCTV into all sorts of buildings, from Garages to Grade 1 listed buildings.  Whenever possible or practical our hardware and cabling is hidden or extremely discrete, and we always work with thought and care taken over your property.

Systems connect to the Internet allowing notifications and remote viewing via an App.  We will configure your Router and do any IT tweaks needed.

An easy to use iPhone, iPad or Android App accesses live footage from one or all of your cameras (needs a reliable Internet service).

Camera footage can be set for continuously recorded or starts when motion is detected.  Set rules to ping an email address with an image snapshot should motion be detected.  We can specify areas of coverage for each camera ie to exclude your neighbour’s path or roads.

Privacy masking is a method to permanently exclude sensitive areas from the footage – such as neighbouring properties or public roads.

Advice is given on CCTV guidelines and recommendations issued from the Information Commissioner’s Office, the UK independent Authority covering CCTV (and other Data Protection matters).

Let us fix your aged, broken or DIY installation.

Wookiee says

Bones have gone missing recently and CCTV keeps an eye on my family and garden.

I suspect Squirrels, however camera footage has yet to pinpoint the culprit.

Every installation starts with a survey – these are free and come with our ‘No Ta’ guarantee.  By this we promise ‘No Obligation To Accept’ proposals or quotes.

Get in touch now for a chat about how we can help with your requirement.