Experts in small business Telecoms, we will guide you through the Jargon maze

On-Premises Phone System

A modern take on a traditional telephone system.  Handsets connect to a phone Server sitting in your office IT stack.

Pros:  Not reliant on an Internet connection; enjoy new system features and you can keep existing BT lines; lower monthly rental after purchase; door units and 3rd party kit compatibility; yours to own outright.

Cons:  Capital expenditure upfront

Internet Hosted Phone System

Telephones connect via an Internet connection to management Servers based in ‘Internet-land’.

Pros:   Quick to install; extremely portable

Cons:  Monthly rental per handset can add up; reliability is only as good as the Internet service supporting; many poorly performing Suppliers; door units and peripherals mostly incompatible

What is VoIP?

Ubiquitous and confusing, we will explain how VoIP might affect and enhance your business and brand.

Calls & Lines Help with BT contracts

Sound advice on managing phone numbers & call expenses.  Simple Customer call response methods and how to never give a busy tone.

We will help you with nasty BT contracts.


It won’t work properly if the connecting cabling is faulty or a mess!  We can help with all aspects of getting wiring right, from Cat5e/Cat6 to optical fibre and BT work.

Wookiee says

Try before you buy.  Demo’s are invaluable.