Experts in small business Telecoms, we will guide you through the Jargon maze

On-Premises Telecoms

A modern take on a traditional telephone system.  Handsets connect to a phone Server sitting in your office IT stack.

This setup is not reliant on a fast Internet connection; enjoy new system features and you can keep existing BT lines; lower monthly rental after purchase; door units and 3rd party kit compatibility; yours to own outright.

Internet Hosted Telecoms

Telephones connect via an Internet connection to management Servers based in ‘The Cloud’.

Quick to install and extremely portable if you move offices/locations

Performance is reliant on the Internet service supporting; door units and peripherals mostly incompatible

What is VoIP?

Ubiquitous and confusing, we will explain how VoIP might enhance your business and promote your brand.

We sell a range of technologies to offer the best fit for your business.


It won’t work properly if the cabling is faulty or a mess!  We are DataComms Engineers and will get your wiring right.

A single BT socket move through to wiring your entire building.

Calls & Lines BT contracts

Sound advice on managing phone numbers & call expenses.  Simple Customer call response methods and how to never give a busy tone.

We will help you navigate nasty BT contracts and bring your spending under control.

Customer Testimonial

Sardatur Holidays based in Richmond

'TelecomHelp gave us the opportunity to move forward with technology, with a brand new telephone system that proved to be much more efficient in the way we administer our work and control calls.

It was a fantastic move from the old system.' MD

Andy Pollock

Senior Engineer

We've been helping local small businesses from our Twickenham office for nearly 15 years. Our Customers span a wide range of industries and sizes, and each has unique technology needs.

Contact me now on 020 70428121 or andy@telecomhelp.co.uk to find out how we might help you. Andy

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