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Internet options can be complicated - fastest is rarely best(est). A guide to Internet options

4 common Internet products from Simple to Best-In-Class

An entry level Internet provided over copper lines and speeds achieved depend on how far you are from your BT Exchange, and the age of the street copper cabling. Typically expect around 15mbps download (enough to run a small business with a dozen staff).

A fully managed service from £29 a month (+VAT).

This ‘Green Box’ solution is BT’s rollout of street mini exchanges. Provided over copper lines, it allows speeds up to 76mbps download.  Great for small businesses but is not suitable for running Internet Voice as highly contended (shared).

A fully managed service starting from £49 a month (+VAT)

Better performance than Fibre Broadband, supplied via copper lines and uncontended (not shared). This means you get exactly what you pay for all of the time.  Great for running Voice & business critical IT, the technology has inbuilt redundancy.

Pricing starts from £149 per month (+VAT) over 3 years.

Absolute ‘Best In Class’.  An optical fibre direct to your office gives speeds from 10mbps up.  Extremely reliable but beyond the budgets of most small firms as costs start at £175 a month.  Typically 12 weeks to go in, surveys & planning are needed.

Please note Tier 1 Suppliers perform much better, buy cheaply at your peril!

Andy Pollock

Senior Engineer

The correct Internet choice is essential for your business, and the most influencial factors are installation postcode and your budget.

Make use of our experience selling data circuits to businesses for over 20 years.

Our suppliers are Tier1 quality and we handle all aspects of the installation, from initial site surveys to Router configurations and final implementation testing.

TelecomHelp's Managed Service means any disruptions will be speedily resolved on your behalf.


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