The Death of Windows 7

Microsoft have announced the end of their support for the Windows 7 family of Operating Systems. After January 14, 2020, they will no longer provide security updates and insist on an upgrade to Windows 10.

My PC is just how I like it, no upgrade for me..

If you decide that an upgrade is not for you, your PC will still work with no immediate issues. However it will become vulnerable to security risks and viruses as time passes and no further security updates are made available.

The nature of the Internet and on-line threats means your comouter and web-browser may be susceptible to hacking attempts (and other assorted nastiness) as Windows 7 vulnerabilities are discovered and exploited.

If you don’t upgrade to Windows 10, at the very least make sure you have;

  • An up-to-date AntiVirus (free or paid for)
  • Backups of any and all valuable files, photos, etc.
  • Don’t do any financial transactions on that PC!
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