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Are all VoIP Phone Systems the same?

The shift from legacy Phone Systems to VoIP in the last 8 or so years has improved the Telecoms for many small business (SME) Customers, brought down their Phone bills and improved their overall experience.

VoIP is everywhere, and like all competitive markets, some products/Suppliers perform much more reliably than others.  TelecomHelp will analyse your current Telecoms & IT setup and propose changes (should they be necessary).  We will look at your existing contracts and hardware and advise accordingly.

We help our Customers out of costly and complicated setups and contracts, streamlining their services and fixing ‘broken’ installations.  On many occasions our Customers have a pile of yet to be installed hardware and no idea or help from the Supplier on how it all plugs together – let alone how simple features such as Call Transfer are conducted.

TelecomHelp's On-Site Installation Service

  • Tweak your IT network and Internet for best performance (hardware & software updates, wiring tests, device performance analysis)
  • Look for weaknesses in Network Security (Router/Firewall configurations, Windows Updates etc)
  • Install and commission VoIP handsets
  • Fully Train Customer Staff – with initial ‘handholding’ if requested
  • Ongoing Network Monitoring if possible

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